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Grey’s Anatomy – Season 11th

17 Oct

It is incredible that a show like Grey’s Anatomy exists. It’s in its 11th season (yeah you read it right!) 11th! And it still delivers chapters like te one from yesterday !!

Incredible !!!

Eleven seasons later we are still getting to know the people, they continue to develop in front of our eyes, we do not know everything about Meredith, do not know all about Derek, about Mer’s mom!

The past, the future, the entire inner life that these characters have.

I love it !!

I do not find fascinating the episodes centered in Arizona or Callie sorry but boring coupleeeee.

But Mer and Derek, Ellis, Richard, Alex, the new Maggie !!! Wow !! That addition: Maggie Pierce!!! !!!

I’m hooked on Grey’s like if it was its season one !!! What an accomplishment for the writers !!!!!!

Love it!

Es increíble que haya un show como Grey’s Anatomy. Esta en su 11va temporada (yeah you read it right!) 11va! Y sigue entregando capítulos como el de ayer!!


Once temporadas después seguimos conociendo a los personas, siguen desarrollándose, no sabemos todo dd Meredith, no sabemos todo de Derek, de la madre de Mer! Del pasado, del futuro, de toda la vida interior que tienen estos personajes.

Me encanta!!

No me fascinan los epis centrados en Arizona o Callie. Pero Mer y Derek, Ellis, Richard, Alex, la nueva Maggie!!! Wow!! Que adición!!!

Estoy enganchada con esta serie como si fuera la temporada uno!!! Que logro de los escritores!!!!!!

Love it!